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Madagascar may be divided, according to latitude and altitude, in three climate zones: along the coast is a strip of hot and humid tropical climate, in the interior highlands, the climate is temperate, while the southern region of the country has a semi-desertic climate, dry and arid. The climate of the country is dominated and governed by the trade winds of the south-east and is divided into two seasons a hot and rainy season from November to April and a dry and cool season from May to October.

The interior highlands are hot and rainy between November and April, in the rest of the year the climate is fresh and windy, the capital Antananarivo, which is located in Highlands, has a pleasant temperate climate and an average of 1 400 mm rain a year that almost all fall during the rainy season between November and April. The maximum average temperatures in Antananarivo range from 27°C in January to 20°C in July and August, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 17°C in February to 10°C in July and August.

The east coast is the most rainy region of Madagascar, in fact it has a sub-equatorial climate very rainy with yearly averages of 3 500 mm of rain, this area is also exposed during the monsoon, between December and March, to possible cyclones. Along the east coast the average maximum temperatures vary between 30°C in February to 25°C in July and August, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 22°C in January and 17°C in August.

The west coast is generally drier than the eastern coast and the highlands, along this coast the amount of precipitation decreases from north to south, the city of Antsiranana at the extreme north receives 1 200 mm of rainfall annually, while the town of Maintirano, located in the centre of the west coast, receives about 1 000 mm of rain a year, further south, in Toliara for example, the average annual rainfall is around 410 mm. The south and south-west region of Madagascar have a semi-desert climate.

At any time of the year you will find in Madagascar that temperatures vary depending on what region you are in, although the summer months can be a little hot in Isalo there is always the pool to cool off as well as our pool bar for a nice refreshing drink or cocktail.

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