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Isalo Rock Lodge Madagascar

Isalo Rock Lodge is a modern and stunning 60 Room Retreat, positioned high in the Sandstone Mountains, overlooking the Isalo National Park in south western Madagascar.

The views from the lodge are breathtaking. Whilst luxury abounds in the hotel with all modern amenities, Isalo is home to many species of flora and fauna, including, the Giant Chameleon and the renowned Lemurs.

A discerning destination for the world traveller offering a travel experience in its own right. Isalo Rock Lodge is a destination rather than just a hotel and guests will leave having experienced one of the most memorable adventures one can imagine. Madagascar is one of the most interesting islands on the planet, and experiencing some of natures most intriguing secrets and guests at Isalo Rock Lodge will be assured of luxury accommodation, outstanding cuisine at one of the most special and spectacular locations in Madagascar.

With Italian linen, culinary decadence are all in a day's stay at this most luxurious and exclusive Isalo Rock Lodge With the Isalo National Park on our doorstep The park urges safety first, so if you're hiking, make sure you read their safety guidelines.

In the past, the Madagascar island's physical isolation and uncultivated wilderness were challenges to humans; now they provide the biggest attraction and a refuge for many animal species. Isalo National Park is a fascinating microcosm, illustrating the delicate balance between species. Visitors to the park can explore its wilderness by 4x4's or on horseback on one of the many guided tours arranged by your tour opertaors or even the resident tour guide.

As the popularity of hiking vacations grows, scores of walkers have tightened their laces and discovered trekking over trails sparks an instant connection with the land -- a wonder that's hard to replicate from the comfort of a car or tour bus. Of course, this kind of interaction with nature also provides fantastic exercise, combining sightseeing and workouts into one.

Perhaps the best way to end a long day in the hot Madagascar sun is to watch the pink-and-orange sunset, unfurl at The Balcony of Isalo, look up as this part of Madagascar offers some of the best stargazing in the world.

A stay at Isalo Rock Lodge will leave you speechless.

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Country code: MG
Continent: Africa
Capital: Antananarivo
Languages: French, Malagasy
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Malagasy Ariary : MGA

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